GeoVision Standalone NVR: A well-executed return to basics

December 10, 2014


We have finally released a standalone NVR (GV-SNVR1600) for markets that require basic but solid features in video surveillance. At first, it supports GV-IP camera up to 16 channels, with each at resolution up to 1920 x 1080, which gives good enough video evidence for general.

Setup is rather easy. Once connected to the network, GV-SNVR automatically finds and sets up all GV-IP cameras within the network. All video files are stored directly to the internal hard drive and the 4 SATA HDD provides storage to up to 16TB.

Playback is on timeline design, which is easy to navigate for events within the desired time-frame.  Single- and multi-channel playback are both supported.

Remote viewing is possible through web browser, and iOS or Android handhelds.

For advanced users, the five USB ports give options to import or export system settings, update firmware, save snapshot files and back up video in AVI format.  GV-SNVR also provides Full HD HDMI video output, for applications where surveillance video to anther monitor is needed.

For those who already have a GV-Joystick V2 in hand, it is compatible with GV-SNVR for PTZ control.

More information can be found here:

Recording IP camera directly to NAS, no problem.

December 9, 2014


We have recently released a NAS system (GV-NAS2008) that is fully compatible with our own IP cameras and devices.  It is designed to specifically fit the logic of IP camera users.

GV-NAS2008 is RAID support, which means if a disk fails, you would still be able to recover all of your data.  Because the drives are hot-swappable, you can yank out the failed drive and replace it with no downtime.

It is rather user-friendly in terms of video access.  Multiple users may view the stored video files simultaneously, via iOS or Android mobile devices or desktop.

The package comes with a free management software, the GV-Edge Recording Manager.  The software is very useful when you need to manage many GV-IP cameras.  For example you may assign folders to receive video streaming from different IP cameras.

Key features:

  1. Low power consumption
  2. Compact size
  3. Up to 8 TB storage capacity
  4. Records up to 8 channels
  5. Bundle package available (value-packed with Target IP camera series)

More information:

Benefits of GV-CR420, an access control reader build-in with a 4-megapixel IP camera

November 16, 2012

What is GV-CR420?

It is an access control reader built-in with a 4-megapixel IP camera (Fisheye lens).  It can simply be presented graphically this way:

Fisheye and reader seperately installed. CR420
A Fisheye lens and a reader
Camera built-in in the reader

What’s the advantage?

1.  Installation is easier.  When the reader is installed, the camera is ready to view, vs. in the past, we need to find another good place for camera, normally from a upper view point for photos like following.  It is hard to get a front view of the face.

12-0530-02 image008

2.  A face in the view (see below).  It is because the camera is in level with the reader, and it is because the camera lens is a wide angle Fisheye camera lens, and because the reader is built-in with face detection, to guarantee a face will be in the view for access.

In actual case, since the built-in camera is in 4-megapixel, we’ll get a very clear photo of the face.

3.  GV-CR420 uses wide angle lens, providing extra space imaging in compare to traditional camera.

Still see the pal behide the card-holder.

4.  Saves 10 transactions (photos) at buffer file even when network is down (compare with normally missing photos as soon as network down).

More information:

Hybrid LPR camera

June 27, 2012

GeoVision has been putting a lot of research and development efforts in LPR (license plate recognition) management systems and cameras. However, due to characteristics of this market, it may not receive as much attention as the mainstream products like IP cameras or access control.  We would like to take some time looking into details of this professional market, and see how and why GeoVision LPR products may help at sites needed.

The very latest product released is the hybrid LPR camera.  As the name suggests, the camera outputs both in analog and digital, and with the digital it gives 1.3-megapixel high definition license plate images for recognition.  The camera is with 10 meters (32.8 ft) IR LED range.

What’s also special about GV-Hybrid LPR camera is that, it is one of the few IP cameras in market, designed solely for the purpose of capturing vehicle license plate images.  In that it means from the default settings to the auto-adjusts, the camera is aimed to produce high contrast images, avoiding chances of overexposure or hot spot effects, even under challenging day/night lighting, and harsh temperature.  With 1.3-megapixel, it provides broader field of view.  In fact, in some cases, it could take as many as two-lane, and still with recognizable images good for recognition engine.

Look’s take a look at this shot.  This is taken with GV-Hybrid LPR camera.

GV-Hybrid LPR camera

Taken by GV-Hybrid LPR camera. With its broaden field of view, it captures two license plates in this case, and both are good and clear enough for license plate recognition engines.

The camera (IP66-standard) is also good for outdoor installation, and with the built-in heater and fan, it ensures reliable performance at all times.

It is rather easy to use as configurations to camera can be done through web-based interface.  For those who are looking for an IP camera dedicated for a LPR system, GV-Hybrid LPR camera is worth to try.

GV-Video Wall simplifies the professional video wall

June 20, 2012


Creating a professional video wall has never been so easy and affordable! GeoVision Video Wall software runs on standard PC and graphic cards, without the need of any special video wall hardware. Video Wall is an add-on function of Control Center, GeoVision’s centralized IP video management software. GeoVision Video Wall is powerful for large and multi-site deployment in following ways:

Easy to create

  • Drag-and-drop video source into monitor views for desired layouts
  • Automatic network scanning and camera model detection for video source
  • Able to preset layouts for operational efficiency
  • Intuitive user interface to position and resize inlay video, and to span a single channel across multiple monitors

Easy to view

  • Images can be enlarged anytime in up to 16 zoom windows, providing operator with best picture clarity when needed
  • Rotate channels in up to 16 scan windows

Most flexible

  • Manage and display up to 288 IP video streams
  • Control up to 200 video wall servers
  • Run on standard PC and graphic cards without any special video wall hardware
  • Integrate seamlessly with GeoVision DVR/NVR to display important surveillance application such as E-map and alarm interface